19 October 2007

Brief update on Gimpy

I was finally able to see the orthopedic doctor today. His name is Dr. Pollard, and (you'll never believe this) he's originally from Earle, Arkansas, about 30 miles west of Memphis! Thank God we got a doctor that speaks real english!

He xrayed the ankle again, and although the xrays look the same to me, he said it is on track to a full recovery. He put me in an aircast. This is much better than the real cast, or even a walking cast I was afraid I was going to get. He said I could begin to try putting pressure on it, 50% weight bearing this week, 100% next week. The atrophy of the quad muscle was not at all unusual, he said, and it should bounce back fine once I start exercising it again.

The knee was not so optimistic. He tested the stability (by bending it in the same direction as the dislocation) and found it to be fairly stable, but still infused (full of fluid) which makes it a little swollen. He has ordered an MRI ($$$$$$, oh my!) for next Wednesday, then a followup appointment a week from Monday.
He's concerned about a torn meniscus or possible a ruptured ACL. I'm hoping they can just drain the fluid off and it will be okay, just needing Physical Terrorism, I mean "Therapy," to heal up, but if the ACL or meniscus is torn, I'm looking at surgery, they won't heal by themselves. It's a similar injury to the one that ended New Orleans Saints running back Deuce McAllister's season this year. Since I don't have millions of dollars of sports medicine rehabbing me, it looks like my softball career is definitely over.

On a really positive note, we received the proceeds from the sale of our house today! It's official, the house is sold!! Praise the Lord! Of course, in a way, it's a little sad, too. That was the first house we ever owned. We'd watched it being built from the dirt up, then rebuilt after the fire. But I suspect the nostalgia will die down when I DON'T have to write the next house note!!

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