29 October 2007

Put that knife away!! :^O

I returned to the orthopedic doctor this morning for the results of my MRI. The results are about as positive as I could have possibly hoped for! NO SURGERY!! He noted a significant dislocation of the knee cap, some damage to the Patellar ligament, and some stretching of the Anterior Cruciate Ligament, but no ruptures. He gave me some exercises to do in lieu of seeing a Physical Therapist, since my insurance won’t cover this injury. He also encouraged me to wean myself off the crutches as soon as possible, and to push the exercises as much as possible. He says I should be significantly better in about a month, and if not, I should go see him again. He said walking and eventually some mild bike riding were good exercises to do. I plan to start back wearing my knee brace for a while, mostly just to avoid any accidental setbacks, and to give my knee some extra confidence and support in the steps I take. I guess I’m still a little gun-shy of dislocating it again.

The numbness I noted earlier has progressed to occasional sharp, “hot knife” burning pains that are more annoying than painful. He associated that with probably damage to the saphenous nerve, which runs down the inside of your knee before crossing below the knee cap to continue down the front of the leg. He said it should heal on its own, though some potential long term numbness in possible.

All in all, he saw nothing that will not heal with time and exercise, and predicts a full recovery. Thank God!


geoblog1 said...

Great to know that you will heal up well.

Keep up the excersize even if it hurts,keep it stretched out.

A little late logging this approvers visit.


flame-red said...

Glad to hear you won't be having to undergo the knife. My son has returned to work after his knee surgery that was supposed to be for a torn ACL. Praise the Lord it wasn't torn. He has had enough pain from the recuperation without the extra pain of replacing the ACL. I will continue my prayers on your behalf.