26 December 2007

Going under a very small knife!

Well, for those (3) of you following along, I'd posted back some time ago that I would not need surgery for my September knee injury. Unfortunately, shortly before Thanksgiving, I was stretching my patellar tendon, bending my knee as far as I could, holding it, then stretching it back out. Repeated this about 10 times before bed. I awoke in the middle of the night with my knee bent at a 90 degree angle, in terrific pain, and my knee wouldn't move, in either direction! I had a small but very tender lump just to the right of my kneecap. For the next week, this little lump wrought havoc any time I bent my knee, so I made the earliest appointment I could get with the orthopedic Dr, for Christmas Eve morning.

As I suspected, that little lump is a bone chip, which you may recall, was a possibility from my first set of x-rays. So, sometime next month, I'll be having arthroscopic knee surgery. The plan is to have the surgery on a Thursday and only be off work two days. While he's in there, the Dr will remove the bone chip and check the meniscus to see if any ragged edges or tears need to be trimmed up. He said I should be able to play softball again with a little physical therapy. My own goals are a little more practical. I simply want to be able to walk normally again!


flame-red said...

Any idea when the surgery is going to be done? I will be continuing to pray for you as you recover from your injuries.

Lisa said...

I will be praying for you as well. I'm sure that was not a pleasant feeling having your leg lock up like that!

Wanda-Lou said...

Sorry I just saw this, Steve. I have been offline a lot lately. You are in my prayers.