10 February 2008


Haven't posted in a while, so I figured I'd update the three of you! ;^) Actually, I get about a dozen hits a day, and will soon cross 4,000. Not bad for a relative nobody!

I've graduated from the cane to just a limp now. The knee continues to get a little stronger. Just a matter of regaining strength and mobility. Not much to speak of relatively speaking. Compared to my friend Chibongo, this was a mosquito bite!

Thoughts this week are for my friends back in West Tennessee, who got hit hard last week with tornadoes. One fella I know from Bellevue lost his grandmother in one of the Jackson tornadoes. Really puts a lot of things in perspective.

Missed a couple of days of work last week with a cold that I'm finally shaking. I'd planned on posting a little historical of my journey to 1,000 caches, but spent the better part of the last three days in bed. Now the laptop has to be sent off for repair. The slightest bump causes it to lose power and shut off. Kinda defeats the purpose of a laptop! I'll try to get that story typed up and posted soon. Might also give a few paragraphs to my boy Mike Huckabee, who continues to prove the "conventional" press wrong. As the plastic politicians drop out, the choices become more clearly defined and easier to distinguish.