31 August 2009

The Sky is Falling!! Or... the Ocean... or Something!

When I got into my truck to go to work this morning, this was stuffed into the crack of my driver's side door:

No, I didn't visit the website (and I don't suggest you do so, either). I know I'm a science "layman," but I thought this was something that couldn't be predicted particularly accurately. Things like this are generally "sometime in the next hundred years or so," aren't they? Sort of like some self appointed prophet declaring the date for the Second Coming of Christ (which the bible clearly says no man will know, so any date-setter is wrong by definition). Know what the Old Testament penalty was for begin wrong, even once? Stoning!

Actually, I might be inclined to take these guys more seriously, but if their research is as good as their spelling, I don't think folks on the Oregon coast will be in any hurry to rush out & buy surfboards.

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