18 February 2010

Highway I-5 ride

I know I promised a more complete set of thoughts on being a Saints fan for 36 years before they won a Super Bowl, but something else caught my attention while dropping my middle child at youth group tonight. Actually, something ripped my heart out, stomped and spit on it, then kicked it down the storm drain.

The highway is I-5, and there's two sons, plus a daughter, but other than that, God have mercy, I could have written every line.

I hope someday they understand why things are the way they are. But they're smart kids, and I know they'll someday see.

But right now, 532 days, 5 hours, and 25 minutes is killin me. But the hug I just got from William helps a little. Pickin up my Chicklet in about an hour will, too. And the prayers I'll say with Tim will be just a little longer, and more thankful, tonight.

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