23 March 2010

Fifteen Thousand Hits

Sometime in the past 24 hours, my hit counter rolled over 15K.

Danged if I know why.

Looking at some recent IP addresses, I've gotten views from places including (but not limited to): Oakland CA, Lafayette LA, Louisville KY, Bloomfield Hills MI, Mountain View CA ("googlebot" is there, it crawls me everyday... which sounds creepy!), Anaheim and Brentwood CA, Parramatta New South Wales Australia, Budd Lake NJ, Curitaba Brazil, Hsinchu Taiwan, Fort Richardson AK, Sneek Freisland in The Netherlands (no foolin, that's the name it gave me), Bjuv Sweden, Fountain Valley CA, Trgu Mehedinti Romania, Figueira Da Foz Coimbra Portugal, Dubai Dubayy UAE, Santiago Region Metropolitana Chile, and other exotic places like Memphis and Jackson Tennessee (the Memphis IP is almost always from Memphis.edu). Other than that Memphis one, and googlebot, I have no idea who most of these people are, or why they'd be reading anything I'd write.

If you're here from one of those, or any other, exotic locations, welcome! Whether you got here from a Google image search, a Facebook posting, a geocaching forum, or because of a poorly-typed URL, thanks for spending a few seconds with me.

In the 3 or so years I've been blogging, I've discussed religion, my kids, my marriage (and the eventual implosion thereof), geocaching, travel, and not a small bit of politics. I've reviewed movies, made thinly-veiled references to people and situations, ridiculed stupidity mercilessly whenever possible, and chronicled a softball-career-ending knee injury (if you can call what I had a "career"). I've made some people laugh, occasionally made myself cry, and made some people mad enough to choke my eyeballs out. I honestly cannot recall ever regretting anything I've posted, but when you've put your foot in your mouth as many times as I have, your taste-buds get dull enough not to always notice.

If you take a notion (although I'm sure there's a million reasons NOT to), post a comment sometime and let me know who's behind that IP address, like you there, on Pacbell.net, or you on Charter.com, or you, o' faithful reader from Memphis.edu. I've not the time or inclination to keep track of such stuff, I'm just curious.