29 March 2011

My yoke is easy... is yours?

Lost amid the din and roar

A still small voice is here once more

Inviting me to come and rest

As one who truly could be blessed

But do I listen? Do I slow?

Too often still, the answer's no.

I've things to do, places to be

Expectations weigh sore on me.

For one who's drunk the draft of life

Other waters I still seek to soothe my strife.

Instead of seeking His load so light,

I shoulder my own with all my might

Though I always stumble, always fall

I still pretend I can handle it all

"I'm fine" I cry when friends do ask

"I'm up to the challenge! I'm up to the task!"

Weak and frail I dare not appear!

What would they think if they could
see in here?

Here where my darkest pains inside,

From my own self I try to hide.

I dare not seek His blessed rest

Lest I should fail to pass the test

If only I could for once just see

It is in my weakness He wants to be

Closer than a brother dear

The One to banish all doubt and fear.

Sweet waters of life and eyes to see

He freely offers you and me.

For one who's debt by Him was borne

I still yet fear the Accuser's scorn

When right there all along has been

A Father to welcome this prodigal in.

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