12 September 2011

20,000 Hits

Sometime yesterday, my little blog got its 20,000th hit, and like I said at 15,000, danged if I know why. While my 20,000th hit came some time yesterday, I felt yesterday was not an appropriate time to post any more than I did; a simple tally of the names of the victims.

Most of my hits come from searches for keywords or pictures I have used, or the “next blog” link at the top of most Blogger pages. It appears to me that the more hits I get, the more often I show up as the “next blog.” I felt this might be the time for a little recap of some of the topics that have marked the 4 ½ years since I started this puppy. Follow along if you’re so inclined.

This blog was born 25 March 2007, while we lived in Arlington, Tennessee, in the only home my family has ever owned. It was born out of a desire to post my thoughts on some controversial issues. While I trust that I am not a disagreeable person, I’ve never been one to tip toe around what I believe, simply because others might disagree. One of my favorite sayings is: “There is no better time to take a stand than when you must stand alone.”
Kicking and screaming.

28 March 2007 I weighed in on a troubling issue involving my church, Bellevue Baptist Church in Cordova, TN.
Agreeing disagreeably.

29 March 2007 I commented on my son, Timothy’s, care at Shriner’s hospital in St. Louis.
Greetings from St. Louis.

30 March 2007 Tim’s stay in St. Louis was longer than we had planned.
Tim's surgeries.

One of my favorite subjects is quotes.

Goofy headlines is a close second.
Goofy headlines.

Good Friday recalls a favorite cartoon with a deeper message.
So easy a caveman can do it.

“Justice versus Fairness” One of my most popular posts.
Justice versus Fairness.

RESPECT, how it’s earned, lost, & mishandled in our world.

Geocaching: a favorite hobby that has since lost its luster.

Our move to Oregon, a six part series
Moving to Oregon.

Two or three parts about our settling into our new home in Salem, Oregon.
Settlers in Salem

A story ostensibly by legendary Alabama football coach, Bear Bryant.
Don't cost nothin.

One of our first Geocaching events in Oregon: a CITO in Salem.
Wallace Marine Park CITO.

Our first annual Willamette River float event, hosted by my friend Kensquach.
Rollin on the river.

My knee, injured in a softball game, September 2007.
Just call me gimpy.

A few blessed praises to my savior.

Giving thanks for peaceful life.

Our first (and so far only) trip back home to Memphis, Christmas 2007.
A Memphis Christmas.

My knee Surgery and experiences with what passes for ‘Q out here.
Mind your knees and 'Qs

Upon earning my degree at Univ. of Memphis.
Twenty-four years in the making.

Keeping an old geocache alive in the Columbia River gorge.
Old caches.

Finally logging the last Ape Cache in America, sadly now gone.
Goin APE.

Dreams that don’t come true.
Dreams die hard.

My Mom dies.
Nola Spencer Campbell 1923 - 2008.

Encouraged, even in death.
Gonna wake up dancin.

Time to breathe again.
Time marches on.

Contrasting the deaths of Michael Jackson and a REAL hero.
Ed Freeman.

Pontificating on Class Action Lawsuits.
Thanks a lot.

Mourned a loss.

A Thanksgiving project
Days of thankfulness.

Review of “The Blind Side,” still one of my most visited posts.
The Blind Side.

Speculated on the demise of civilization. Can the unthinkable really happen?
America in its twilight?

Christmas firsts and Christmas Lasts.
Christmas first and lasts.

The ghosts that we gather as we pass.
Our trailing Ghosts.

My beloved New Orleans Saints first Super Bowl.
SuperBowl XLIV.

My first 15,000 hits.

Another batch of quotes.

A fun project: My Top Ten songs of the 80s.
Top 10 songs of the 80's.

Bush? Obama? The Worst President Ever? Nonsense!
Worst? Not even close.

The death of civility.
Effin around.

I closed 2010 with my first visit to the 13th century Scottish Highlands.

Moving on in The Wilderness of Ziph.
The Wilderness.

My first full length poem.
The Mountain.

An embarrassment to The Name of Christ.
"Don't look at me, I didn't tell him to say that." - God.

I love me some rednecks!

On Leadership

My bout with a Pulmonary Embolism.
Clogging up the pipes.

Defining who I am, and who I’m not.
Southern hospitality.

A tribute to the victims of 11 September 2001.
Names of the victims of 9/11.

What will the next 5,000 hits hold? Follow along and see.

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