22 October 2011

Three little words...I forgive you

He stood there quiet, silently
Not knowing what to say
Although for many, many months
He’d dreamt of this very day.
A million thoughts ran through his head
But none would dare be spoken
Words all failed, no tongue release
More than “thanks,” a mere token
He’d been forgiven more, by far
Than aught he held begrudged
Yet to forgive so suddenly
He could not yet be budged
His mind did wander all afternoon
The dusty halls of the past
Sometimes wistful, often painful
Scars that yet did last.
He knew that he could only keep
Himself captive, bound in chains
Forgiveness looses not the sinner
But the self-righteous saint who remains
The vile cup of bitterness
Drunk to its very dregs
Will destroy only the bibber
Who, for pity, secretly begs
He hides behind his boastful strength
Not betraying what’s inside
Holding back the release of guilt
Like holding back the tide
Freedom comes not from keeping
Wounds open, without care
But from saying that he will not keep
These hurts held close, not bare
“I’m sorry,” two hard words to say
So hard to another give
But harder still, a bitter pill
To say that “I forgive.”


Rita X said...

ovely poem? have you written that yourself? there's poetry on my blog too

darlin said...

Hard to say and mean but the freedom which comes with those three little words is astounding. Excellent writing!