11 December 2011

Greatest Piano/Keyboards of All Time

This week was MUCH harder than last week's drummers. So many very talented fingers! Had to add more Honorable Mentions.

DIS-Honorable Mention
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (sort of)

Fourth Honorable Mention (and a heck of a singer)
Ronnie Milsap

Third Honorable Mention
Gordon Mote (not nominated, but it's my list :^P)

Second Honorable Mention (and a heck of a life story, right down to a tragic heart attack during a performance)
Anthony Berger

First Honorable Mention (and greatest showman)

Fourth Runnerup (although dependent upon modern hands)
Johann Sebastian Bach

Third Runnerup (and greatest to marry a 13yo cousin)
Jerry Lee Louis

Second Runnerup
Billy Powell

First Runnerup
Roger Bennett

Greatest Piano/Keyboard of All Time
Ludwig Van Beethoven

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