20 January 2012

The Illusion of Community II

A brief update on my self-imposed research project. Comment below or here.

Thesis statement:

Although technology has created the potential for instant, worldwide exposure, and “connected” people in unprecedented ways and numbers, we are more isolated from each other than ever before.

1. The history of relationship

A. Social models of connectedness, primarily in Western culture

B. Western Culture on Steroids: American independence

C. Trivialize the important, emphasize the trivial

2. The Changing Nature of Relationship

A. The “one for all and all for one” era, 1920-1945

B. The “My Family” era, 1950-1965

C. The “Free yourself” era, 1965-1980

D. The “ME FIRST!” era, 1980-1990

E. The Expanding Community era, 1990-2000

F. The Rally Round the Good era, 2001-2003

G. The “Anybody But” era and beyond 2004-present

3. The changing Nature of Fame

A. Hollywood’s Golden Age

B. The Evolution of Self

C. Famous for being famous

D. Famous for being infamous

4. Oversharing and the elevation of the mundane

A. My dog went poop!

B. Long lost cousin Bernie

C. Crossing boundaries

D. The power of lemmings

E. The Power of Aww/vengeance of the mob

5. Kevin Bacon?!? Pfft! Who’s he?

A. Breadth equals depth

B. I am my number of “friends"

C. Do I know you?


E. Red sky morning, sailor, take warning


So what exactly is it I’m hoping to accomplish here? My style will be that of the typical college thesis in scope, size, and depth. But I’m not being graded, timed, or critiqued. I welcome your input, reaction, and comment. But I reserve the right to determine what arguments I find persuasive, and what I appraise to be a typed cow patty. Don’t both criticizing my style, spelling, grammar, or references. I won't be following any particular standard on citations. I’m done with the days of having to write in the third person (if you hadn’t noticed by now), and my spelling and grammar are fine. It’s my typing that sucks. I am free to write as I will, and although I will endeavor to provide a well-researched product, complete with dissenting opinions if I find them compelling, this is my paper. If you want a product of my opinion, read on. If you want yours, write yer own paper.

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