23 December 2012

Christmas memories

They’ll ride 200 miles today
And hope that Santa knows
Where to leave their presents
When down the chimney he goes

They’ll eat at least three times today
And open gifts a half dozen more
At his and hers and mine and ours
And theirs, a half-a-score

They’ll enjoy the gifts and lights and songs
The turkey and the ham
The stuffing, the corn, the cranberry sauce
And the rolls with strawberry jam

But somewhere deep inside they’ll recall
Christmas reds golds and blues
When you could play all day long
And never put on your shoes.

There’s no use trying to fix the blame
And they don’t even try
They love them both despite their faults
No sense in asking why

So they all try to lay hurts aside
This cold and wet December
And try to give the kids they love
A Christmas to remember

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