17 July 2013

Ghosts Part II

The house was built in 1923 by the embalmer at City View Cemetery, and passed to his son, also an embalmer, on his death.  It was sold in the 50s or 60s to a family who owned it as a rental, and later to my source, who also uses it as rental property.  Sometime in the 1970s, it spent some time as a care home.  Four different, unrelated tenants, who apparently had no connection or contact with each other, report similar occurrences, but only one put them in writing, and thus qualifies as a first-person account by my rules.  The letter was written upon move out by way of explanation for a broken lease. Part of the letter goes as follows (I’ve tried to keep spelling and punctuation faithful to the original):
“[my wife], the children, several friends, and family members, and myself all experienced some very strange things while we lived there.  It has come to the point where none of us felt safe living in the home.  I don’t usually say this type of thing to people, but it is my belief as well as the belief of many others that the house has several spirits inhabiting it that are not at rest.
There are at least two upstairs: One is a female that likes to cause distress and picks on people.  She is not BAD but is a great nuisance and pushed [my wife] down the stairs once as well as threw a knife out of the bathroom window at a friend of ours coming over for her birthday party;  We were unable to identify the other spirit upstairs but it is sad and tries to stay away from people. 
On the first level there is an older man that is somewhat crotchety.  He doesn’t cause harm but he does slam door and cupboards and isn’t partial to cats.  In the basement we have identified 5 spirits: two male and 3 small spirits.  One of the males likes to look out the windows at the street.  He will pull the curtains down if the windows are covered and scares animals if they sit in front of his windows.  The other male grieves horribly for his death and has a tendency to throw tantrums.  During these tantrums, he breaks things such as the water heater and causes scratches and things in the wood.  The three little ones like to play on the stairs and behind them.  They will also sometimes make you feel like you are going to fall for no apparent reason when you are going down the stairs…. 
We have also experienced being woken up in the middle of the night to a loud, single verse of “Deck the Halls.”  This happened twice in the same night although none of us have anything that plays that song.”

I don’t know what to make of any of this, particularly the knife thrown from the bathroom window.  What do you think?


Suzanne Shumaker said...

Well, I've heard many such stories from people I respect. It's hard to discount their experiences... but, it's also kind of hard to believe without having a very clear personal encounter.

Jenn Mitchell said...

Very creepy. I definitely believe that we can have some contact with those on the "other side." When looking for homes, if one give me a bad vibe, I am outta there!

Jen Schneider said...

I have a fairly rational friend that swears an evil spirit inhabited her college dorm room. I just don't know. . .