21 August 2013

Day 21. Your best friend is in a car accident and you two got into a fight an hour before. What do you do?

Whaddaya mean, “What do I do?” I do the same thing I would have done if we hadn’t had a fight.

My best friend is my fiancée, something I never considered before I met her. I’d heard all about how your girlfriend/spouse is supposed to be your best friend, but that had never been my experience. I didn’t even really believe it was possible. But she is, I love being with her no matter what we’re doing! It doesn’t have to be something romantic, she may be washing dishes while I’m cleaning the shower, and there’s still no place I’d rather be (except to have my kids with us, too).

So I’m assuming you mean that she’s been injured and in the hospital, which, of course, means I’m there, too. I’m the sentimental one, so yes, I’m probably apologizing profusely and berating myself for fighting over something so stupid, but I’m doing the same thing I would be doing even if we hadn’t had an argument: I’m there with her, going through whatever she’s going through, supporting her, doing everything I can for her, and considering it a high privilege.

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