31 August 2013

Day 31: The Bucket List

I've never made a bucket list.  I've never seen the movie "The Bucket List."  Oh, I know I'll eventually kick one, everyone does, but nothing in particular seemed like a "must do."  But there's a few things I can share (and a few I can't):

Find the love of my life: Oh, wait, I already did that one! :^)  Happily married seven days now, HAPPY ONE WEEK ANNIVERSARY, SWEETHEART!  I love you!

Travel: I really want to go to Europe.  Great Britain, Ireland, Normandy, Germany, Austria, see the Carpathian Mountains, lots of different places would do.  I wouldn't mind going back to Hawaii or taking an Alaskan cruise.  Maybe a New England cruise in the fall, see the coast in fall colors!

Drive a race car:  Just once.  I've driven my street car around a 2 mile road course, but couldn't push it because, well, I couldn't afford to wreck it and it wasn't designed for that.  SO that didn't really count.  I'd love to take one of the two or three day driving courses, but they're outta my price range.  Maybe after I win the lottery.  I suspect my chances would improve slightly if I actually bought a ticket.  But only slightly.

Read a book: No, a hundred books.  I have a big bookshelf full of books I've never read.  Unfortunately, real life intrudes on my reading time and I read painfully slowly.  My attention span has shortened significantly in the last 5 or 6 years, too, and I'm easily distracted.

Finish writing my book: I started it a few years ago as a short story for my daughter, and it's mostly written, it just needs a major edit and a partial rewrite to resolve a conflict in the plot where I changed horses in mid-stream.  It's about a nerdy kid who invents a time-manipulation machine and loses control of it.  I lost a decent size section in the middle where I printed but didn't save a couple of chapters, but thankfully I found the printout while I was moving, so I hope I can get back to it soon.

Be a good husband and dad: This is the one I can't let slide.  I love my wife and kids with all my heart, and if I fail at these, it doesn't matter much where else I succeed.

What's on YOUR bucket list?

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