26 October 2013

New Life, New Name

We interrupt this "Favorite Things" theme to bring you a special bulletin: I am in the process of changing my name everywhere it appears online from "Spencersb" to "SteveSpencer824."  Having not had to foresight to snatch up "SteveSpencer" eons ago, my new name nevertheless reflects the new me, as I married my wonderful wife on 8/24/13.  I haven't been "Spencersb" since the "B" left five years ago.  I just never had a reason before to make the change.  My dream spouse has litterally turned my life around, and the new name reflects that.  I'll be phasing out the use of "Spencersb" everywhere it's found and dropping my ownership of Spencersb (dot) com when it's set to renew.  Gmail's good enough, so I won't waste the money on "SteveSpencer824."  The "contact me" button now reflects my Gmail address and I'm now "SteveSpencer824" on Twitter, the two most common places to find me.

We now return you to your usually scheduled life, already in progress.

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