30 June 2015

29 June 2015

#GreekDefault #Haiku

Greece set to default.
Who didn't see this coming?!?
Yet Greeks defiant!

28 June 2015

#Strange #Stressful #Tumultuous Day #Haiku

Long hikes in dark woods.
Pendulums and breaking points.
Hot, dry, cold, windy.

27 June 2015

#ConfederateFlag Solution

We interrupt this year of haikus for an important (to me) commentary on a current issue.

South Carolina is once again the flashpoint for a divide. In 1860, another flag was torn down and replaced. Most people don't know this, but the traditional Confederate flag, the one we're fighting over, is NOT the "Stars and Bars." It is NOT the flag that represented the Confederate government, or the people. It is a BATTLE flag. It was carried on the battlefield to communicate the army's location to troops in the midst of smoky, hellish chaos. It was never official.

The REAL Confederate flag looked a lot like the American flag: red and white stripes with a blue field in the upper left corner, with a ring of stars representing the number of Confederate states: originally seven, eventually eleven.

As I understand it, and correct me if I'm wrong, the Confederate flag flying in South Carolina is part of a row of flags representing the governments that historically exerted authority over the area. There is a Spanish flag, French Flag, British flag, etc. Nothing can change the historical fact that the Confederate government exercised control over the area for a period of time in the early 1860s. You can't change history.
But flying the BATTLE flag is not only controversial, it's not historically accurate. So I have a painfully easy solution: Fly the REAL flag. It's even more historically accurate and doesn't carry the controversy that the battle flag does.

I'm proud of where I come from. I'm proud of my Southern heritage, the good things: helping your neighbor, living life at a slower pace, dignity and social graces. Frankly, it pisses me off that racist morons have so successfully commandeered the flag for their hateful purposes. Was slavery wrong? Of COURSE, it was! Was a Union victory and reunited nation good for the country? Of COURSE it was! The South were fools for ever starting that war in the first place, a war they could never have won, at least not without foreign intervention, without which we never would have won the Revolutionary War! But there were good, brave men on BOTH sides of that war, and most Confederate soldiers thought they were fighting to protect their homes, not their slaves, because the vast majority never owned a single slave. To their minds, they were being invaded, and they fought back.

The opening of the Declaration of Independence justifies the American Revolution by saying that people who have formerly been politically aligned with a government have the right, nay, the duty, to remove themselves from that government and institute one more to their liking. THAT is what the Confederacy thought it was doing. That's EXACTLY what the Revolutionaries were doing in 1776, and Southerners at the time thought they had every right to do what was, in their eyes, EXACTLY THE SAME THING. I'm not saying they were right, I'm just saying that's what they were thinking.

The past has the power to guide and inform, or to bind and oppress. Erasing it does much more of the latter than the former. Both sides are pouring gasoline on the fire instead of standing side by side, each passing a color-blind bucket to put it out.

#OregonRemovesMSflag #Haiku

MS flag removal
Oregon has no right to
change other state's flag.

26 June 2015

#GayMarriage #SCOTUS #Haiku

Gay marriage now law.
Overrides two standing laws,
seven on appeal.

25 June 2015

24 June 2015

23 June 2015

#TanksForNATO #Haiku

Tanks sent to Europe
to reassure allies in
Russian Bear's shadow.

22 June 2015

#Frustration #Haiku

One step forward, two steps back
wont get you too far.

21 June 2015

#EvilWeed #Haiku

Stinging nettle, OUCH!
First experience today
Finger is on FIRE!

20 June 2015

#SearchandRescue #callout #Haiku

Search and rescue call.
Searched for 6 hours today.
Sadly, not found yet.

19 June 2015

#LifelongLearning #Haiku

Going back to school.
Taking a history class,
just for fun. So stoked!

18 June 2015

#CharlestonShooting #Haiku

Charleston shooter's hate.
Not all gunmen jihadists
Dad needs charges, too.

17 June 2015

#Grexit #Haiku

Greece threatens default.
Ran up their credit card, now
surprise! They need more!

16 June 2015

#MaritalCompromise #Haiku

Three colored marbles
What do they mean? Want to see?
Easy: Harmony.

15 June 2015

#ReinventYourself #Haiku

Reinvent yourself
It's never too soon to start,
but will you have time?

14 June 2015

#FootballDrought #Haiku

Football offseason
Favorite sport has longest
offseaon. Agony!

13 June 2015

12 June 2015

#DustyRhodes #Haiku

RIP to Dusty Rhodes
The American Dream, from
wrestling's golden age.

11 June 2015

09 June 2015

#RIPVincentBugliosi #Haiku

RIP Bugliosi
Manson Trials, great author
My first true crime read.

08 June 2015

#Perseverance #Haiku

When going gets tough
the tough don't get going, they
stay, work, keep trying.

07 June 2015

Broken #Samsung #Phone #Haiku

AAAAAAHHHHH!!!! My phone is broke!
Can't call...text...Facebook...Twitter!
Feel disconnected!

06 June 2015

#StormsOfLife #Haiku

Haunted by strong words
The fog never seems to lift
Shoreline can't be seen.

05 June 2015

#Uncertainty #Haiku

A rock: A hard place
Never felt more uncertain
Don't know what to do.

04 June 2015

#SickDay2 #Haiku

Day two being sick
Worst sore throat ever, coughing
Dr says not strep.

03 June 2015

#SickDay #Haiku

At home sick today.
Throat so sore I can't swallow:^(
"Vile pollen! BEGONE!"

02 June 2015

#Birthday #Haiku

Turned 50 today.
"And I'm much too young to feel
this damn old." - Garth Brooks

01 June 2015

#PatriotAct #Haiku

The Patriot Act
Portions expire. Good riddance?
Or now less secure?