31 July 2009

Yeah, um, thanks. :^/

I received an email today. It informed me that I was the lucky beneficiary of a class action lawsuit settlement with the internet postage company Stamps.com. I had an account with them back during the time I was president of Geocachers of West Tennessee. I used it to mail membership materials, as printing the postage was a lot easier than going to the post office, buying, and licking dozens of stamps. Apparently, though I don't actually recall this, they had a habit of charging one or two month's extra service charges to canceling customers. I had canceled the service once the vast majority of the materials had been mailed because it wasn't cost effective anymore.

Fast forward a few years to today. Apparently, also unbeknownst to me, someone had decided that this was a wrong that ranked right up there with world hunger, the nuclear aspirations of Iran, and the arrest of an irate professor by a beat-cop. THANK GOD some lawyer (ironically named "Spencer") rode in on his white horse to save our collectively ripped-off behinds! For a mere $450,000 in legal fees, Spencer assured all of us greviously injured former Stamps.com customers...

Wait for it...

Two free months' service from the company that ripped us off.

I'm sure you will all sleep much easier tonight knowing that justice (and no doubt Mr. Spencer's first evening martini) has been served.

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