31 December 2011

Greatest Band/Group of All Time

Honorable Mention
The Cathedrals
For over four decades, George Younce and Glen Payne anchored one of the most well known and loved groups Gospel music has ever known.

Garnering hard rock and pop fans alike, Rush is one of the most enduring groups in Rock ‘n Roll history.

The Rolling Stones
Steven Tyler is a HUGE KeithRichards fan. As long as Richards lives, Tyler’s not the ugliest man on Earth. Mick Jagger once said he’d rather be dead than still be singing “Satisfaction” at 45. Guess what, Mick...

Along with The Eagles, Journey bridged the gap from the 70s to the 80s.

Fourth Runner-up
The boys from Fort Payne kept country music fans singing for forty years.

Third Runner-up
Lynryd Skynyrd
Even a plane crash that killed half the band couldn’t silence them.

Second Runner-up
The Grateful Dead
Even people who don’t like them know what a “deadhead” is.

First Runner-up
Led Zepplin
Another iconic band that everyone knows and most like.

Winner, and greatest band of all time:
The Beatles
Influenced virtually ever rock band from the early-sixties on. Even the saloon in Tull.

Nominations now open for the premier category: Lead Guitar. Comment here or at Spencersb on FaceBook.

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