04 December 2011

Greatest Drummer of All Time

In the coming weeks, I'll be playing a little game of "Best of All Time," in several different categories. This week, it's drummers. Honorable Mention goes to...

Rick Allen - Def Leppard (ANY one handed drummer gets HM)

DIShonorable Mention (but entertaining, nonetheless) goes to...

Unknown Dude in Shiny Gold Jacket

Second Runner-Up

Buddy Rich (Gene's not bad, either)

First Runner-up (and best died-too-young drummer)

John Bonham - Led Zepplin

The winner, and Best Drummer of All time is...


Nominations are now open for Best Piano/Keyboards. Comment here, or see my Facebook page here.

1 comment:

Medic252 said...

Peart is a fine drummer, but Mitch Mitchell deserves a mention ( jimi Hendrix Experience ), as do Bill Bruford and Alan White ( both with Yes ).

Best keyboard: Rick Wakeman, of Strawbs, Yes, and solo fame, is one of my favourites, as is Kieth Emerson of The Nice and Emerson, Lake, and Palmer.