28 August 2012

American Exceptionalism

I don't always agree with NJ Governor Chris Christie, but his call to a second American century Tuesday night at the Republican National Convention was as good as any I've heard in recent memory. True, it often sounded like an acceptance speech rather than an endorsement, but Christie's never been a wallflower.

I am an unabashed believer in American Exceptionalism, and I believe we can again be the greatest force for good in the world. But if we don't find a way to build consensus and live within our means, there's no reason to believe we will cannot go the way of every other great civilization in history.

"I don't want [our children's] only inheritance to be an enormous government that has overtaxed, overspent and over-borrowed a great people into second-class citizenship.

I want them to live in a second American Century.

A second American Century of strong economic growth where those who are willing to work hard will have good paying jobs to support their families and reach their dreams.

A second American Century where real American exceptionalism is not a political punch line, but is evident to everyone in the world just by watching the way our government conducts its business and everyday Americans live their lives.

A second American Century where our military is strong, our values are sure, our work ethic is unmatched and our Constitution remains a model for anyone in the world struggling for liberty.

Let us choose a path that will be remembered for generations to come. Standing strong for freedom will make the next century as great an American century as the last one.

This is the American way.

We have never been victims of destiny.

We have always been masters of our own.

I won't be part of the generation that fails that test and neither will you."

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