03 August 2013

Day 03. Something you have to forgive yourself for

This is the most difficult day so far; easy to say on day 3.  Regular readers, all three of you, will recall that I'm divorced.  I hate what that has put my kids through.  I hate that they live 4 hours away and I only get to see them once a month, twice if I'm lucky.  I hate the pride and selfishness that contributed to the destruction of my family.  I take responsibility for my share of the breakup.

At the same time, I can look myself in the eye and say that I tried.  And I can recognize that God can take awful, stinky, disgusting manure and use it to grow a beautiful garden.  I've found an incredible woman who loves me, loves my kids, and appreciates what I've learned from the mistakes I've made.  Her kids love me and I love them.  God has brought us both through very difficult times to a place where we can find happiness and love, and I'm grateful for my second chance.


A New Me said...

Always amazing to see the new life where only destruction was once found. To the new and growing beauty in your life. :)

Wendy Baudín said...

You go Steve and so happy that you have found your love light in a partner and her children. That's so wonderful to have all that love around you and that your previous relationship was another awesome step in your growth to find what you really desire for your life and may the same be for all involved. Letting go of the past and embracing the new is a exciting time, and sometimes challenging but staying in a loving and hopeful mindset will bring resolution and happiness to everyone.
I am from the UBC...so nice to meet you. Come and visit me some time.

Wendy Baudín

Cindy said...

Steve, I am so happy to hear that you have found your way through the pain of divorce. I've been there, done that. I now coach divorced women (though I've had a few men clients too.) The pain one feels after divorce is so similar between men and women. Divorce is hard, but when you learn your lessons, you truly can heal and have a happy fulfilling life!
Go Steve!