07 August 2013

Day 07. Someone who has made your life worth living for.

The romantic in me wants to say my fiancee'.  And she does.  It thrills me every time I look at my left hand and see my ring (yes, I'm already wearing my ring, if she gets to wear one that tells the world about me, I get to do the same).  But my kids came along first.  And they made my life worth living from their first breaths.    But what makes my life complete, and makes the rest of it possible, is my faith in Jesus Christ.  I'm no saint.  I still struggle at times (no more than a couple dozen a day) to match my beliefs and my actions.  But my faith is my single most defining characteristic, and makes it possible for me to at least try to be who the other most important people in my life want and need me to be.

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