08 August 2013

Day 08. Someone who made your life difficult.

There are a couple of different routes I could take her, but both are too personal to share in a forum such as this. So please forgive me if I take the easy road.

Me. Yeah, I know, that’s sort of a cop-out; I don’t want anyone else to recognize themselves in here, on the very slim chance that much of anyone will ever see this anyway. I started to list old bosses, co-workers, people that picked on me in high school, anonymous, irresponsible clients, but the truth is no one has given me as much grief as myself. I shoot myself in the foot with alarming ease and regularity.

I do and say (or fail to do/say) things that are not true to my character, and not pleasing to my God. I am a faithful follower of Christ, but not always faithful as I follow. I love my kids with a consuming passion, yet I don’t get to see them as often as I want to, and sometimes I’m impatient with them and clueless about their feelings. I love my fiancĂ©e’ more than any woman I’ve ever known, but can be distressingly unthinking. I wouldn’t hurt her or my kids intentionally for anything in the world, and I’d die for any one of them without a second thought, but to live for them every moment of every day, well, I’m still learning how to do that one decision at a time; one act of putting them before my own needs at a time.

“Be devoted to one another in brotherly love; give preference to one another in honor” – Romans 12:10 Life works better when you’re putting others before yourself.

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