15 August 2013

Day 15. Something or someone you couldn’t live without, because you’ve tried living without it.

There are only six people I cannot live without:

My kids.

My fiancée.
And except for my kids during the time right after my split, I’ve never tried to live without them (subsequent to meeting Jesus & meeting my fiancée, of course). Lord willing, I’ll never have to.

So I’ll have to use a “thing:” caffeine.

For a couple of months earlier this year, I suffered what seemed one health problem after another. Wholesale changes in medications and seasonal allergies, combined with not enough sleep and poor diet, made it a miserable period of time. I felt old, and my fiancée thought she’d found an invalid. At her encouragement, I’ve tried to eat healthier and get some more exercise, and the short term result is that I lost about 20 pounds. I could stand to lose another five or so, but it’s a good start.

One of the things I gave up, for a while completely, was caffeine. I never was a three-latte-a-day person, but I used to drink something with caffeine in it almost constantly until lunchtime. What I found was that I was falling asleep in my oatmeal, and having withdrawal headaches. I’ve added a single serving, rarely two, back into the routine, and it definitely makes a difference. I think I’m safe in moderation.

Is caffeine an indispensable part of your day? Have you given it up and you’re glad?

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Suzanne Shumaker said...

I've definitely given up some bad habits and been very glad to done with them. Great post, Steve.