18 August 2013

Day 18. Your views on gay marriage.

Touchy subject. I addressed this a few months ago when the Supreme Court case regarding DOMA and Prop 8 were being argued. I know it’s a little lazy to simply reprint that post here, but likely there’s a few of you who hadn’t seen it before, and my views remain unchanged. Here’s a summertime rerun:
My only comments on the matters currently before the Supreme Court:

I believe right and justice belong to Mr. Pelkey. But I'm afraid the law may lie with Dan’s City Used Cars, Inc.

Seriously, look it up.

Okay, okay, on the matters on everyone's minds and tongues:

Many, if not most, Western civilizations have acknowledged the existence of committed, monogamous relationships between members of the same gender. I'm aware of none that has equated these relationships with "marriage." If there is, I'd appreciate a link.

That said, with due apologies to my conservative friends, I think we've lost this battle. In fact, I think we lost it a long time ago, and we'd be better off settling for "civil unions," which I personally consider little different from marriages performed by non-ministers, or even unbelieving ministers. Or any marriage among unbelievers. America lost all semblance of Christianity years ago, and the government has neither the inclination nor the ability to bless or curse anyone (except Christians, of course... and Israel, for which we risk a very clear warning).

As for the matter of homosexuality in general, I have, and hopefully still have, gay friends. I pass no judgement on the deeds of any man (or woman).

But the Bible clearly does. In no uncertain terms. Not on the people any more than others, on their deeds, just the same as many, many other deeds the Bible speaks of, including others of a sexual nature.

Don't look at me, I didn't write it. But Moses and Paul, at a minimum, did. To argue otherwise, one must necessarily take a low view of Scripture. Or of God's willingness, or worse, ability, to preserve His Word over the long passage of time. And of the "cultural" argument, I would say only that we are about as far removed from the writings of the New Testament as Paul was from the writings of the Old, and the "culture" of desert-wandering Hebrews was a far cry from 1st Century Roman. And yet Paul held no such "cultural" view of the writings of Moses.

As always, just my two cents. Keep the change.


Kyr Athaba said...

I agree with Moses and Paul. More importantly, my view (and yours, blogger) is the view that God takes. Genesis and Exodus clearly establish His plan for the family and for sexual unions. The world at large is in opposition to God and His Word, therefore all these states approving gay marriage laws. Do I hate gay people? Not at all. But that lifestyle condemns its practitioners to hell (Romans 2)

Spencersb said...

While I obviously agree that the Bible is explicit about this particular issue, NO act of sin, sexual or otherwise, condemns a person to Hell, just as no act of righteousness prepares a person to attain Heaven. Trusting faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross and His resurrection, or the lack of said trusting faith, determines a person's eternal destiny. A continuing pattern of willful, defiant, disobedience to the known and acknowledged command of scripture is generally indicative of a lack of belief/trust in Jesus, but it is not my place or yours to state categorically that any person behaving in opposition to any particular command of scripture except rejection of Jesus, is proof that a person is unsaved. Demonizing one particular sin, be it sexuality, relational attitudes, unhealthy bodily habits, money, or anything else the Bible admonishes God's creatures about does nothing to further the Gospel message.

Spencersb said...
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