27 August 2013

Day 27. What’s the best thing going for you right now?

I love my kids.

I love my wife.

I love my job.

But the best thing in my life is, as it has to be, my relationship with Jesus.

Without Jesus, I would have people in my life, but no life to have them in.

Without Jesus, I would have no hope that bad things would eventually be made right, that injustice would ever be righted. I would be groping blindly to figure out how to love the people I love most.

I would have to believe that a billion random miracles, all improbable and some flatly impossible, had to link up in an unbroken chain of events, completely at random, for me to even be here. Or worse, some nonsense such as reality not actually being real; that we’re all an illusion. How we’re all having the same illusion, I’m not sure. I should not send in my truck payment this month and tell them it’s their fault for having the wrong illusion.

I don’t have enough faith to belief in a billion critical miracles occurring completely at random in a precise, unbroken chain, the absence of any one of which could have prevented us from being here to have this conversation.

The question to ask is not “what do I believe,” but rather “is what I believe…real?”

“Do you really believe that what you believe is really real?” - Del Tackett, The Truth Project


Jodene said...

That is a great question. I like to believe that I do believe in something that is really real. I believe that what I do believe in is real. It makes sense to me and feels right too.

Vanessa Terrell said...

That is a deep question! I can truly say that what I believe is real! Thanks for asking and thanks for sharing!

Vanessa Terrell said...

Great question! I do believe that what I believe in is real! Thanks for asking and sharing!

Suzanne Shumaker said...

I love it!