01 August 2013

Thirty One Days of Truth Challenge: Day 1: Something I Hate About Me

Suzi Shumaker, an active blogger of some repute, recently turned me on to a challenge by another blogger, Faith and Substance, called Thirty Days of Truth (edited to 31 to fit August).  I begin the month today on the subject of Something I Hate About Myself.  This shouldn't be too hard.

I tend to over-analyze.  Nature abhors a vacuum, and nowhere more so than between my ears.  In the absence of hard information, I'll make something up, usually with little to no basis in reality.  The result is I worry and stress over conditions that do not, in fact, exist.  It leads my Inner Critic to imagine all sorts of ways to expose and exploit my shortcomings.  It makes it difficult to accept that someone might genuinely mean the nice things said about me; hard to grasp the concept of being loved and appreciated.  I'm blessed to have a loving Savior, the best kids on Earth, and to be loved by the most wonderful woman I've ever known, all of whom tell my IC to go fall on his head!

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Suzanne Shumaker said...

I think it's better to have an overactive Inner Critic than a nonexistent one. The more dangerous people are the narcissists who trample all over others without even a twinge of guilt.

Your humble spirit is a wonderful quality.